Selamat Tahun BAru Y’all

2009 was very meaningful, walaupun tidak keluar negara seperti tahun 2008.
Tapi sangat banyak benda yang menarik terjadi. My highlight for 2009 was my graduation day back in August.
Yes, i finally got my Bachelor Degree from the greatest University in Malaysia, Universiti Malaya.
My whole family was there on that convocation day, and my Cinta also. Sangat terharu.
Masuk ke dewan agak lewat (sama macam masuk ke kelas, selalu lewat je). hehehe

Three month pass August, after hundreds resume have been sent off, I manage to get a day job on my first interview. Alhamdulillah.
Bekerja dalam Project Team, di SL+A, sebuah syarikat interior designer yang sangat best. I hope i can stay working here lama-lama.
Really enjoy working with office mates at SL+A.

My last job on 2009 adalah mengajar. A personal class for Basir Photography at Subang Jaya on new year eve.. hahaha..
and i also got my 1st paycheck from SL+A earliar on that day. That really wrap up my 2009.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. have a blast 2010.

1st pay

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