Shazrina & Noh – Part II

Me as a member of The League of Extra-ordinary photographer is the official wedding photographer for Mizz Nina & Noh Hujan. Here are some of the reception photos that held at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur. Gambar majlis perkahwinan Mizz Nina & Noh Hujan di Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur. AZiM +6 012 2132006

Shazrina & Noh – Part II

Where have I been?

This entry suppose to be publish last Saturday. Salam.. It have been soooooooo long since my last post. Ingatkan bile berhenti kerja boleh la ada masa lapang sikit. Rupanya semakin busy dengan macam-macam aktiviti. Orang kata bila busy maksudnya rezeki akan masuk. Alhamdulillah. Let’s see what I have been up to since July. Shoot great […]

Hasmi & Azlin + Irfan (part 2) family outing

Salam.. Dulu-dulu, zaman muda-muda dulu. Back in 2006, I have the honor to cover Hasmi & Azlin wedding ceremony. Most lovely and beautiful couple I must say. That was when i still shoot crappy photos. ahahaha Yes, you can look at my old fotopages entry’s. (click here) Kemudian kami memang amat jarang dapat berjumpa, mungkin […]

Sabrina & Radzli – Port Dickson

Me, Sue Anna joe, Oat Halim & Sofie went to Port Dickson last Sunday. We as a team of Itudio Studio have the opportunity to cover this lovely couple, Sabrina & Radzli. Here are some of my photo taken at the event. More at the gallery section. Enjoy guys.. AZiM +6 012 2132006 […]

Hey, it’s my birthday.

i am old just like this building over here.. and these old ladies. (picture was taken in England, 2008. I cant remember the exact location) Last year wishes is to finished my Bachelor Degree in Building Surveying, and i did. And also wish to made a great Thesis. It is titled “PLANING FOR KINDERGARTEN: CONVERSION […]